Our Services

Here at ANTMAR we offer a number of IT related services.

Below is a brief description of the services we offer, but please click on the Services tab at the top of this page to access pages with more detail about each of the services:

Website Building

We have 2 categories of website creation available, bespoke or template.

The template category has a number of packages available and is aimed at people wanting to keep costs down and who don't require anything too complicated.  Customers can choose from one of our numerous templates and use that as the basis for their site.

We also offer a bespoke service to build your site as per your personal requirements.

Website Hosting

If you already have a website built and would like us to host it, or would like to move it to us from another host, we offer competitive rates.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An important thing for many companies is to have their website feature as early in website searches as possible, particularly if their site generates business for them.
Our SEO service will ensure your site has the optimum design to meet search engine requirements and therefore place higher in searches.

Please note - we cannot guarantee you will appear on the first page of searches!
We would also point out that we do not use your money to pay for advertising links on Search Engines, as this is merely a short-term solution.

IT Training

We have years of experience in IT which we can use to train others.  We mainly concentrate on the internet/pc usage but are happy to try to meet your requirments in other areas.  If you have a specific requirement, please contact us to discuss.

IT Consultation

We have knowledge of many areas of IT and can use this to provide you with advice you might need, covering both hardware and software.

"NET Ready" package

This combines the IT Consultation and Training aspects of our services and is aimed at people who currently have no pc or internet connection.

We can advise you about what pc/laptop to buy, which Internet Service Provider (ISP) best meets your usage/cost requirements, possible anti-virus software options, etc.
Once you have ordered your hardware this package includes a visit from us to install everything in order to get you connected to the internet and a training session on how to use your pc and the internet.

We can tailor this package to meet individual requirements and reduce the cost if there are parts of the package you don't require.