About  ANTMAR  IT  Consultants

ANTMAR is a small company established by two friends with a combined total of over 40 years in the IT industry.
We originally set up a few small websites for ourselves and friends before being asked to set up websites for companies in the Milton Keynes, UK area where we are based.

We have hundreds of website templates for you to choose from and can easily change colors, fonts or make any other alterations to suit you.

We firmly believe in simplicity where possible, as this makes the experience for website users far more rewarding.  Because of this, we won't suggest hundreds of individual pages with individual items/products on when all could appear on just one or two pages - we won't push you into having something you don't really need.
We have, however, written a number of standard scripts which can be customised for your particular website to provide extra functionality while keeping costs down - for example we can give you a login/password protection system if required.